Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary

A Multispectral Critical Edition

The opportunity to work on this project has been both amazing and humbling – amazing because it has brought me into contact with so many wonderful people in so many fields, at so many different institutions; humbling because throughout the project I have never ceased to marvel at the kindness of these individuals (including the tireless members of my team), at the generosity of these institutions, and at the willingness of all to help and give their time selflessly whenever I contacted them. Please consider this project to be yours also. It will help me discharge the lifetime’s debt I’ve now built up with many of you.
If your name does not appear below and it should, please let me know. A few obvious names are missing, but that’s because I’ve named you Honorary Members of our project team in recognition of the exceptional support you’ve provided to our work.
Thank you very much to everyone. I am grateful beyond words. You have let me dream my biggest dream yet.

Adrian S. Wisnicki

Between the Lines Editing
Matt Mac Donagh-Dumler
Kristin Jensen
Birkbeck, University of London
Martin Hodkinson
Pauline Jones
Bryony Merritt
Sue Wiseman
British Academy
British Library
Cambridge University
Elizabeth Upper
Chronicle of Higher Education
Jennifer Howard
City University of New York
N. John Hall
Dorothy Helly
Anne Humpherys
Gerhard Joseph
Columbia University
James Eli Adams
David Livingstone Centre
Karen Carruthers
Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr
Suzanne Lamb
Ian Livingstone
Frances McChlery
Joan Sutherland
Stuart Whittaker
Neil Imray Livingstone Wilson
Edinburgh Napier University
Linda Dryden
Anne Schwan
Fordham University
Ewa Badowska
Stuart Sherman
George Washington University
Dane Kennedy
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Yaw Asamoah
Keith Boyer
Adam Colton
David Downing
Carly Dunn
Michelle Fryling
Luis Gonzales
Gerald Intemann
Annie Lin
Theresa McDevitt
Eric Meljac
Gian Pagnucci
Doug Shumar
Elaine Jacobs Smith
Harrison Wick

Tim Jeal
Library of Congress
Fenella France
Livingstone Online
Janet Brown
Michael Hawkins
Christopher Lawrence
Sharon Messenger
Caroline Overy
London School of Economics
Jonas Fossli Gjerso

Elizabeth Maxwell

Rosemary and Bill Maxwell

John R. Murray
Nara University
Gary Clendennen
National Library of Scotland
Chris Avann
Alison Buckley
Bryan Christie
Ian Cunningham
Marie Dunsmuir
Emma Faragher
Adrian Fowler
Rab Jackson
Caroline Garrad
Kate Kidd
Manuscripts Division staff
David McClay
George Morrison
Reprographics Studio staff
Sally Todd
David White
National Museums Scotland
Sarah Worden
National Trust for Scotland
Jo Anthony
John Sinclair
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Brett Bobley
Perry Collins
Anna Maria Gillis
Michael Hall
Jason Rhody
Nottingham Trent University
Tim Youngs
The Owner of the Galen Syriac Palimpsest
Peter Beard Studio
Peter and Nejma Beard
Gustavo Fermin
Queen Mary, University of London
Matt Rubery
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Frances Cook
Katrina Roche
San Jose State University
Katherine Harris
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Library
Scottish Conservation Studio
Helen Creasy
UCLA Library
Todd Grappone
Danielle Hontz
Dawn Setzer
Gary Strong
Erika Troll
University of Aberdeen
Roy Bridges
University of Edinburgh
Ulrike Al-Khamis
Denise Anderson
Tricia Boyd
Paul Dundas
Justin Livingstone
University of Oxford
James Cummings
Lucy McCann
University of Tulsa
Jeff Drouin
University of Virginia
Dana Wheeles
Walters Art Museum
Will Noel
Adah Wisnicki

Joseph and Elizabeth Wisnicki
Livingstone in 1871