Texts and Textual References

The primary Livingstone texts under discussion in this critical edition are:

  1. The Manyema Diary (1870-71), also called the 1870-71 Diary, which contains:
    • The Bambarre Field Diary (1870-71), also called the 1870 Field Diary
    • The Nyangwe Field Diary (1871), also called the 1871 Field Diary
  2. The 1871 letter to Earl Granville (15 Nov. 1871)
  3. The Unyanyembe Journal (1866 – 72), also called the 1872 Journal
  4. The Last Journals (London: John Murray, 1874), also called the 1874 published text

The present critical edition focuses exclusively on the 1871 Field Diary. References to folia from this manuscript take the following forms in the text below:

Institution Shelfmark Project File Prefix Referencing Practice Example
David Livingstone Centre 297b DLC297b 297b/Livingstone Roman numeral converted to Arabic numeral. 297b/163
David Livingstone Centre 297c DLC297c 297c/Livingstone Roman numeral converted to Arabic numeral. 297c/102
David Livingstone Centre 1120b DLC1120b 1120b/recto or verso designation 1120b/r
National Library of Scotland MS.10703 NLS10703 10703/NLS folio number. 10703/38v
Rhodes House Library, Oxford University MSS.Afr.s.16/1 RHOLAfrs16-1 16-1/Rhodes House Library folio number. 16-1/172bv