David Livingstone Spectral Image Archive Folio Index

Authors: Doug Emery
Adrian S. Wisnicki
Date: March 30, 2012


1 Introduction

The purpose of this document is to list the folia of the David Livingstone Spectral Image Archive.

2 The Folios in the Data Set

This data set consists of images and transcriptions of the folia that constitute the Manyema Diary (1870-71) of David Livingstone, the British explorer of Africa. The Manyema Diary consists of:

  1. The Bambarre Field Diary, also called the 1870 Field Diary, and
  2. The Nyangwe Field Diary, also called the 1871 Field Diary.

In addition, the archive includes a small selection of letters written by Livingstone in 1871.

The original manuscripts of these documents reside at the Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone, the National Library of Scotland, the Bodleian Library (University of Oxford), and the British Library, and in the private collection of photographer Peter Beard.

The Manyema Diary, a major Scottish national treasure, documents the year leading up to Livingstone's famous meeting with Henry Morton Stanley in late 1871, a meeting memorialized by Stanley's introductory question, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" This data set brings together the pages of the diary for the first time since the nineteenth century.

Livingstone composed the Manyema Diary when short of writing materials. As a result, he improvised by writing crosswise over a series of printed texts and other odd scraps of paper. He also created ink from the seeds of a local plant called Zingifure as his supply of iron gall ink dwindled.

The data set contains 208 folia, including those folia from the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford and the British Library that were scanned rather than captured through spectral imaging.

3 The Foliation of the Data Set

Livingstone assembled portions of the leaves of the Manyema Diary into copy-books, although the leaves are now disbound. A folio of Livingstone's diary may therefore contain one or more adjacent pages, and a single image may reference more than one diary page. Adjacent diary pages are usually not continuous.

The first three segments of each file name provide the provenance of the image and other bibliographic information.

The first segment consists of the initials of the institution holding the given manuscript followed by the institutional shelfmark. The only exception to this rule are the folia from the Peter Beard collection, which do not receive a shelfmark in the first segment.

The second segment indicates Livingstone's own page number(s), if provided. Arabic numerals are used to represent the Roman numerals in Livingstone's original manuscript. For any portions of the diary where Livingstone does not provide page numbers, the folia are numbered consecutively beginning with 001, with the same number being used for the recto and verso:

The third segment indicates the institutional folio number(s), if provided. In addition, this segment includes the letter "r" (recto) or "v" (verso). For any portions of the diary lacking institutional folio numbers, the folia are numbered consecutively beginning with 001, with the same number being used for the recto and verso:

The files with the "DLC297a" designation in the first segment represent the exception to the above naming scheme. These files omit the second segment information given above and instead provide the third segment information in the second segment.

4 List of folios

The David Livingstone Spectral Image Archive consists of the following folia.