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Livingstone Spectral Image Archive

TIFF Images, XML Transcriptions, Metadata

Description of the Archive
The Livingstone Spectral Image Archive provides quick access to spectral images, transcriptions, and metadata of the 1870 Field Diary, the 1871 Field Diary, and select 1871 letters of David Livingstone, the celebrated British explorer of Africa. The archive brings together these manuscripts for the first time since the nineteenth century.
The parent directory of the archive consists of the following files and sub-directories:
0_ReadMe.html  0_ReadMe.txt  Archive overview, rights and conditions of use, intended audience, data set purpose and contents, information on using the data set.
1_FileList.html  1_FileList.txt  List of all files in the archive.
2_Manuscripts.pdf  2_Manuscripts.txt  List of all manuscripts in the archive and their constituent image file subdirectories.
Data/  Core data produced by the David Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project. Consists of three sub-directories:
DLC/  Folia held by the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre, Scotland;
NLS/  Folia held by the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh;
PB/  Folia held by the Peter Beard Studio in New York City.
Each institutional directory contains sub-directories for individual folia. The folia sub-directories contain registered spectral TIFF images with metadata embedded in the header; TXT metadata files; XML TEI P5 transcriptions when available; and MD5 checksum files to ensure image and transcription fixity. In most cases, the XML transcriptions include spatial data linking lines of text to corresponding spectral image areas. Also see folio index, file naming conventions, and encoding guidelines.
Documents/  Files facilitating use of the core data set in two sub-directories:
External/  Data standards, file specifications, and technologies used to produce the archive, e.g., TIFF specifications, MD5 checksum algorithms, and XML-related documentation.
Internal/  Data standards, file specifications, and technologies used to produce the archive, but not detailed in external documentation, e.g., folio index, project-specific XML coding practices, file naming conventions, and metadata standards.
ResearchContrib/  Files constituting HTML-based critical editions produced by the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project; project website documentation (.txt or .pdf); specialized spectral TIFF images; and TIFF images produced by methods other than spectral imaging. Contains two sub-directories, Critical_Editions/ and Data/, the latter of which consists of three sub-directories:
BL/  Folia held by the British Library in London;
DLC/  Folia held by the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre, Scotland;
RHOL/  Folia held by the Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House, University of Oxford.
Support/  Supporting files needed to share or work with the digital product content data, such as XML schema validation documents and cascading style sheets.